One of the few Female Colorectal Surgeons in Melbourne

Dr Naseem Mirbagheri is one of the few colorectal surgeons operating in Victoria, and is currently the only one holding a PhD in pelvic floor disorders. Dr Naseem obtained her medical qualifications from the University of Melbourne in 2003, and has spent a total of 14 years training extensively in surgery at multiple hospitals around Victoria and Australia including Box Hill Hospital, Epworth Richmond, Homesglen, Eastern Health, Angliss and BCH. While Dr Mirbagheri specialises in pelvic floor , haemorrhoid and laparoscopic surgeries, she treats both female and male patients and has experience and training in providing care to patients irrespective of gender.

Dr Naseem - Female Colorectal Surgeon

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Discover the services Dr Naseem offers

Discover the services Dr Naseem offers

Dr Naseem treats both male and female patients

Over the course of her studies, Dr Naseem graduated in medicine from the University of Melbourne, then obtained her fellowship in General Surgery from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2012, and went on to spend three years in clinical research at Concord Hospital in Sydney investigating disorders of the pelvic floor. That work, which resulted in Dr Naseem obtaining a PhD from the University of Sydney, made some unique findings which continue to give insight into how people may be helped with such disorders. Following this, Dr Naseem undertook post-fellowship training in general and colorectal surgery at Monash, Eastern and Alfred Health services, cementing her position in providing expert and empathetic colorectal surgery and laparoscopic care.

A Colorectal Surgeon Providing Extensive Knowledge and Care

In addition to receiving her PhD from the University of Sydney, Dr Naseem has published and presented her research on a national and international stage, and brings her well-rounded knowledge to many organisations as a member to the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand and a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. In addition, she has endoscopic skills recognised by the conjoined committee of the Gastroenterology Society of Australia.

Dr Naseem continues to dedicate herself to providing the best quality care for her patients with warmth, attention to detail and diligence. Besides her unhesitating commitment to her patients, she is the mother of two girls who keep her busy when she is not attending to her patients!

Consultations are conducted out of Richmond, Moorabbin, Berwick and Wonthaggi. Go to the locations page for more information.

You can also contact her with the online referral system here, simply fill in the form and attach your referral letter. Dr Naseem’s secretary will be in touch within 24-hours to book an appointment.

Dr Naseem Mirbagheri - Member of FRACS
Dr Naseem Mirbagheri - Member of CSSANZ
Dr Naseem Mirbagheri - Member of GESA