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Pilonidal disease

First described over 250 years ago, was known as Jeep disease during WWII. Nearly 80000 soldiers were treated for this condition during WWII!. Pilonidal comes from the Greek work and means ‘nest of hair’ It is a rare disease in patients <12yo and >40yo. Risk factors include race, occupation, male gender, family history, deep natal […]

Invasive Treatment Option

Radiofrequency Ablation for Haemorrhoids – A Minimally-Invasive Treatment Option

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the medical field is the continual innovations that improve patient outcomes and experiences. One of these is radiofrequency ablation, which is now used in the treatment of haemorrhoids by your colorectal surgeon in Melbourne. Here’s some insight into this treatment process and how this technology works. […]


Anal tags

One of the most common benign anal conditions is anal tags. These are just stretched skin around the anal area, usually as a result of past or existing haemorrhoids. There are NOT actual haemorrhoids but a remnant of skin from swelling associated with haemorrhoid disease in the past. Other conditions where anal tags are observed […]


What is diverticular disease?

What is diverticular disease? Diverticular disease refers to the little pockets or pouches that form in the bowel usually from the weakening of the bowel wall. This condition is mainly seen in the sigmoid colon (large bowel on the left side). This condition is very common in Australia and commonly found incidentally during a routine […]