Dr Naseem provides the full range of general emergency surgery. However, she has particular expertise in management of colorectal and pelvic floor disorders as well as colonoscopy and polypectomies.

Dr Naseem operates from the following locations:

  • Epworth Richmond (private)
  • Holmesglen (Private)
  • Bass Coast Health (Public)
  • Eastern Health Angliss (Public)
  • Eastern Health Box Hill (Public)

Consultations are conducted out of Richmond, Moorabbin, Berwick, and Wonthaggi. Go to the locations page for more information.

Dr Naseem - Female Colorectal Surgeon
Dr Naseem Mirbagheri - Anal Procedures

Anal Procedures

  • Surgery for haemorrhoids including banding, suture ligation and haemorrhoidectomy.
  • Anal tag excision.
  • Anal Fistula repair including LIFT procedure, mucosal advancement flap and fistulotomy.
  • Perianal abscess drainage.
  • Anal fissure repair including fissurectomy, Lateral internal sphincterotomy and botox injection.

Pelvic Floor Procedures

  • Rectal prolapse surgery - open or laparoscopic including Delormes & Altemier procedures and Laparoscpic ventral mesh rectopexy.
  • Rectocele surgery.
  • Sacral nerve stimulation for faecal incontinence– at this stage this procedure is only provided to private patients
  • Anal sphincter repair.
Dr Naseem Mirbagheri - Colorectal Procedures

Colorectal Procedures (laparoscopic and open surgery)

  • Pilonidal surgery.
  • Right Hemicolectomy.
  • Left Hemicolectomy.
  • High anterior resection.
  • Ultra- low anterior resection.
  • Abdomino-perineal resection.
  • Stoma formation.
  • Small bowel resection.
Dr Naseem Mirbagheri - Endoscopy



General Procedures

  • Hernia
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Appendicectomy
  • Soft tissue abscess drainage

Where does Dr Naseem work from?

Where does Dr Naseem work from?