What are Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids are normal part of our anal canal anatomy, we all have them. They act as a cushion in our anal canal and help us with fine continence, e.g. when you cough, they get filled up with blood and help make the anal canal wind and water tight.

Haemorrhoids are only abnormal if they cause you problems. e.g. bleeding, lump, itch, soiling, discomfort.

When haemorrhoids are displaced downwards from their normal position in the anal canal, they can be felt as a lump and start to bleeding during defaecation. Haemorrhoids can be displaced by chronic constipation and straining. Some people are predisposed to problematic haemorrhoid more than others.

Management of haemorrhoids vary from conservative management (e.g avoiding constipation ) to surgical options. Surgery could include simple banding to haemorrhoidectomy (surgical excision) depending on the stage of your haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoidectomy is the gold standard treatment but has significant complications and most patients have significant postoperative pain.

Dr Naseem, is the only surgeon in Australia, that offers a new technique for haemorrhoids called laser haemorrhoidplasty. This procedure shrinks the haemorrhoids without cutting it out , reduces prolapse and bleeding with significantly less pain postoperatively. For more information, please contact Dr Naseem’s rooms on 9421 2533.