Life-Saving Colonoscopy Procedures in Melbourne

A colonoscopy is an annual screening procedure recommended for men and women over the age of 45, people who have a family history colorectal cancer, and anyone with colorectal cancer risk factors. It is the single most effective way to detect cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages, helping to prevent thousands of deaths each year. At our clinic in Melbourne, we do everything we can to make this routine procedure as quick and comfortable as possible.

Your surgeon – Dr Naseem

Dr Naseem Mirbagheri is a highly qualified female surgical expert on pelvic floor and colorectal disorders, operating out of clinics in Melbourne and Berwick. She has spent more than 14 years extensively researching and training in Australia. As a surgeon she is committed to providing all patients who visit her clinics in Melbourne with compassionate and clinically skilled surgical consultations and services across range of colorectal, pelvic floor and endoscopy procedures, including colonoscopies.

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy a non-surgical visual examination of a patient’s large bowel and the distal part of the small bowel. To do this, we use a small camera attached to a flexible tube that projects video onto a screen. A small tool can also be passed up through this tube to take tissue samples or remove a polyp. It is similar to an endoscopy – another non-surgical procedure that is used to view a patient’s digestive tract.

What happens during a colonoscopy?

Preparation for a colonoscopy begins 24 hours before the procedure, and involves fasting, drinking clear fluids only, and a laxative preparation to ensure the bowel is clear. Because your comfort is essential, you are sedated using a mild anaesthetic. This means that recovery time is only 1 to 2 hours. In cases where a pelvic floor examination is required as well, you will receive a general anaesthetic.

Although a colonoscopy is a minor procedure, every procedure does carry some risks. In a colonoscopy, for example, a patient may experience bleeding if a polyp has been removed. In very rare cases a patient may experience bowel perforation if a large polyp needs to be removed. However, these risks are very low when working with an experienced colorectal surgeon, and all precautions will be taken to ensure your comfort and safety.

To ensure that you feel comfortable about your colonoscopy procedure, Dr Naseem will always take the time to address any concerns and questions you may have with the utmost care and consideration, so don’t hesitate to call our clinic.

Prior to your procedure, Dr Naseem will provide you with all the information you require to prepare your bowel prior, understand the procedure, and manage your recovery. You can also email Dr Naseem on [email protected] to receive a copy of the bowel preparation information.

Practice locations in Melbourne

Dr Naseem, as a leading female colorectal surgeon, practisescolonoscopy and endoscopy procedures in both private and public hospitals and clinics across Melbourne:

  • St John of God Berwick (private)
  • Epworth Eastern (private)
  • Epworth Richmond (private)
  • Box Hill Hospital (public)

The next step for your colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are life-saving procedures, and in the hands of Dr Naseem, it is a quick, comfortable, and highly professional process. If you would like to have Dr Naseem perform your colonoscopy or if you have any further questions about this procedure, please contact us today. You can also use our online referral page by filling in the online form and attach your referral letter. Dr Naseem’s secretary will be in touch within 24-hours to book an appointment.

Consultations are conducted out of Richmond or Berwick, with a possible wait time of 1 to 2 weeks for non-urgent cases.