Providing the Utmost Care in Pelvic Floor Surgery in Melbourne

As one of the few female colorectal surgeons in Victoria, and one of the only colorectal surgeon with a PhD in pelvic floor disorders, you can rest assured that Dr Naseem Mirbagheri provides her patients with the utmost care and diligence.

Having spent a significant amount of time academically researching and clinically studying pelvic floor disorders, Dr Naseem now provides the people of Melbourne with her expertise in pelvic floor surgery, faecal incontinence surgery and endoscopy procedures and operates as a surgeon at St John of God and the Epworth hospitals. These services include open or laparoscopic – including Delormes & Altemier – procedures, Laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy, Rectocele surgery, Sacral nerve stimulation for faecal incontinence, and anal sphincter repair.

Happy to answer questions about pelvic floor procedures

Dr Naseem understands that you may have a lot of questions about the services she offers, pelvic floor procedures such as rectal prolapse surgery and faecal incontinence surgery, and will understand and address any concerns that you may have regarding your upcoming procedure with easy-to-understand information to ensure you are informed of the entire process.

Dr Naseem is dedicated to treating each of her patients with compassion and understanding, ensuring that her patients at St John of God and the Epworth hospitals in Melbourne receive the highest quality of care.

A commitment to research and treatment for pelvic floor disorders

After having achieved her medical qualifications from the University of Melbourne and spending 14 years training extensively in hospitals around Australia, Dr Naseem then completed her PhD at the University of Sydney following her research investigating disorders of the pelvic floor. As part of her dedication to furthering her extensive research and providing her patients with high-quality care, Dr Naseem provides evidence-based practice built on continuous critical reviews of scientific literature and the latest research available in her field. Dr Naseem ensures that total focus and care is taken to ensure consistent results in every procedure that she undertakes.

Currently, Dr Naseem performs surgical procedures, including pelvic floor surgery, at St John of God and the Epworth hospitals in Melbourne, as well as offering consultations from her offices in Richmond and Berwick.

If you believe that Dr Naseem is the right surgeon for your particular case, you can contact her on 1300 79 50 90 to book your pelvic floor surgery and/or colorectal surgery consultation at either her office in Richmond or Berwick. You are also able to use our online referral page, simply fill in the form and attach your referral letter. Dr Naseem’s secretary will be in touch within 24-hours to book an appointment.

For non-urgent cases, a 1 to 2 week appointment time may apply.